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katie kavanagh - CLIENT

I started training with Tomás June 2016. However it was only at the end of October, after a particularly bad panic attack, in Dublin Airport of all places, that I threw myself in to training and getting to grips with my macros. I train 2 mornings a week with Tomás and although I can arrive tired and weary I certainly don't leave that way. Every session is different and great craic! Tomás is passionate about his clients and loves his job (even the 6.15am starts). He has changed the way I train and given me the tools I need to continue training on my own (big boy weights here I come). He even talked me in to doing Hell and Back, which I swore I would never do

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amy corrigan - client

I first started training with Tomás after I experienced one of his boxing classes. I wasn't unfit but I was eager to increase the intensity of my training and learn more about both boxing and strength training. Tomás is extremely experienced in both of these areas, as well as lots of other aspects of fitness. Every session was challenging and fun. I'm the type of person who likes to be pushed out of my comfort zone and training with Tomás gave me exactly that! While training with Tomas I also ran my first half marathon and took part in Tough Mudder. Although running wasn't his sport of choice he was always supportive and helpful to me in any way he could, including doing training sessions at all hours of the morning! Our fitness journey came to an end when I had to move house but we keep in touch on a regular basis and I still drop into his Thursday morning “Hour of Power” in Flyefit George's Street. He's an excellent trainer and all round good guy!!


Alan Murphy - Tutor

Tomás has a very professional, fun and goal driven approach to fitness. Always a pleasure to deal with during his time studying with me. He always tries his hardest to please while keeping the goal in sight. He didn't win student of the year for nothing 😊


jean o'dwyer - client

I've been training with Tomás since August 2016. Tomas really knows his stuff, he makes every session interesting, challenging and knows how to push you to the next level. He keeps me focused and motivated. He tailors his approach to your needs. We do a lot of strength training to aid my running obsession but he also knows how to mix it up with some fun stuff like boxing. I feel the strongest I've ever been. He always goes above and beyond just the hour session with helpful tips and workouts. As well as being an excellent personal trainer, Tomás is an all round brilliant person and lovely to be around.


sarah murphy - client

 I'll be 40 next year and wanted to feel fitter and healthier hitting that milestone. A friend recommended Tomás and I started training with him in May this year and what a six months it's been! I am fitter than I have been in years and its down to Tomás and his approach to fitness and personal training. He takes his time to get the basics right and whatever your fitness requirements (weight loss, increased fitness levels, boxing technique), it's at your pace and always with tons of encouragement.  His training programme is always varied so I am never bored or feeling unchallenged. Training with Tomás is genuinely the best gift I have ever given myself and he has helped to make fitness and wellbeing a part of my life. Aside from his professionalism and expertise, he's a really lovely guy who really wants to help you achieve your fitness goals.


DAVE LAWLOR - Flyefit Head Trainer

I had the pleasure of training Tomás during his internship at Flyefit. I can honestly say I've never met an intern who was so passionate. He was determined to learn as much as possible from me. Tomás is a fanatic personal trainer and teacher. He loves to help everyone around him. His clients, gym members and colleagues and friends. A few years on from first meeting Tomás, we now work side by side on the Flyefit management team. As the Flyefit head trainer and fitness manager it's my job to train in all our new interns and keep our staff updated in their training. Tomás is always on hand to help out if I need a spare set of hands or to offer advice and different perspective to our trainers. He's a key member on Flyefit, he's a top lad and a solid FIFA player.


Meghan Kennedy - Client

I was personal training with Tomás for 4 months. Along with being professional (for a Tipp lad) and extremely knowledgeable he made exercising fun and challenging at the same time. Although we were working on a program, no two sessions felt the same which helped me stay motivated. He made me feel comfortable and I looked forward to every session. Tomás is a great personal trainer who’ll work with you to meet your goals. I couldn’t recommend him enough.


Mike decanter - client

I first met Tomás at his Flatline class on Thursday morning in Flyefit George's St. I loved his enthusiasm and interest in the class. He put a lot of effort in each class and always changed it up. Best class ever in the last year and a half I haven’t skipped it once ! I deiced to train with Tomás to loose weight and build muscle. Knowing him from the class I knew he knew what he was doing and that he would listen to his clients. Overall I lost 4.5 stone through Tomás' classes and his personal training sessions. I’m building some amazing muscles and the progress is great. Training with Tomás changed my life. I’m healthier, fitter and I stay interested in my workouts due to his brilliant work out plan. Each session is different and always interesting and you are guaranteed to be dripping in sweat !

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Cormac Everard - Colleague

Tomás and I worked together in Flyefit for 18 months. As soon as you meet Tomás, you know exactly where you stand. He is an outgoing, fun and enthusiastic personal trainer with a wealth of knowledge. He improved myself as a personal trainer while we worked together and I could see, first hand, the progress his clients made through a large variety of training methods. If you’re thinking about trying personal training for the first time or aiming to take your own training to the next step then Tomas is your man.


Maria Hancock - Gym Member

I have been doing Tom's class on a Thursday for a year now and can definitely say I’m delighted with the decision. My strength and fitness massively improved as well as making friends along the way. He makes the effort to make every week different and he is always pushing me to work to the best of my strength and ability (and usually accepting of the filthies!) Not only is Tom an excellent trainer with a keen fondness for burpees, he really takes the time to get to know his clients (shout out for the support during recent exams!) can’t recommend enough!